Follow You Anywhere is a live worship album that released at Passion 2019, which is set to a backdrop of over 32,000 students from 700 universities and 35 countries. New songs from include “Welcome The Healer,” “Behold The Lamb,” and “Follow You Anywhere.”

We hope this album inspires your church like it has inspired thousands of others. There is more to Passion than just the music; it’s a driving force to create a movement and a generation of change. 

Below you’ll find links to the song resources! We at Worship Together pray and are expectant to see God use them in such a powerful way to impact your congregations! 


Welcome The Healer

Lift Up Jesus

Behold The Lamb

Follow Your Anywhere

Fade Away

More To Come

Bigger Than I Thought

It Is Finished

Yet Will I Praise You

Top 10 Songs from 2018

December 27, 2018

We are so grateful for another incredible year of worship and church ministry. We are especially grateful for all of you and the ministries that you are in. It has been an honor to serve and resource you throughout this year! As the new year approaches, we wanted to share some of the most impactful worship songs of 2018. We are giving away free charts for you to use in your services, and you can also reflect on some monumental New Song Cafe videos as well! We look forward to serving you in 2019. Enjoy!

Top Songs of 2018

Who You Say I Am

Build My Life

Resurrection Power

God You're So Good

New Wine

Let Go

Counting Every Blessing

Hallelujah For The Cross

One Day (When We All Get To Heaven)

Living With A Fire

5 Free Christmas Songs

December 23, 2018

We at Worship Together want to thank you and wish you and your worship team a Merry Christmas! This week we are sharing free charts and song resources for these Christmas songs. Enjoy!

Mary, Did You Know?

O Holy Night

These Christmas Lights


Love Came Down

Praise Before My Breakthrough is a brand new EP from Bryan & Katie Torwalt. These songs are the fruit of Bryan & Katie's ministry, drawing people in with their unique sound to help others encounter and embrace the presence of God. The EP features songs like their title track "Praise Before My Breakthrough," "My Hallelujah," and "Prophesy Your Promise." These songs focus on the stages of breakthrough and would be great in any worship setlist.

Check below for links to song resources and New Song Cafés!

My Hallelujah

Be With Me

Praise Before My Breakthrough

Arms Of Grace

Prophesy Your Promise

I Know A Ghost is the brand new worship album from Crowder. If you're looking for songs with a unique style, Crowder's new album is a great option for a worship setlist at your church.
The album features new songs like "Red Letters," "Hundred Miles" and "Ghost."

Check below for links to song resources and New Song Cafés!

Red Letters

Let It Rain (Is There Anybody)

No Rival

Happy Day

Hundred Miles



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