All The Heavens Third Day

Writer(s): Brad Avery, David Carr, Mac Powell, Mark Lee, Tai Anderson

Theme(s): God's Attributes

Tempo: Slow

CCLI #: 3118520

Scripture Reference(s): Hebrews 6:4,11:16

Verse 1
As Your children gather in peace
All the angels sing in heaven
In Your temple all that I seek
Is to glimpse Your holy presence
All the heavens cannot hold You Lord
How much less to dwell in me
I can only make my one desire
Holding on to Thee
Verse 2
All the angels exalt You on high
What a kingdom to depart
But You left Your throne in the sky
Just to live inside my heart
(Repeat Chorus)
I will always make my one desire
Holding on to Thee