Set Apart Worship Central

Writer(s): Ben Cantelon , Tim Hughes , Luke Hellebronth , Nick Herbert

Genre(s): Modern

Tempo: Medium

Recommended Key(s): B

Tag(s): Kingsway

Scripture Reference(s): Romans 1:1; Romans 12:2

lyrics & chords (?)

Capo 4 (B)

C  G  Em  D (x2)

Verse 1
  C            G             Em            D
Back to our first love, nothing between us
   C                                   G
Back to Your heart, to the start of it all
 Em             D
Where we found You

Verse 2
C     G            Em    D
Out of the ashes, into the fire
C                                     G    
You are refining our hearts in the flames
Em            D
Of Your presence

C                        G
Set apart for our God above
Em                      D
Set apart for the One we love
C                          G                    Em       D
Set apart for Your glory we are Yours, Yours

Verse 2
Sacred and holy, Your name is worthy
Jesus, awaken our hearts now to be
Your revival

Em-C-G         D
And oh,  how great You are
Em-C-G         D
Oh,      how great You are

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