I Need You Kristian Stanfill

Writer(s): Kristian Stanfill , Eddie Kirkland

Genre(s): Modern

Tempo: Medium

Recommended Key(s): A#/Bb

Tag(s): Passion

CCLI #: 5444436

Scripture Reference(s): Matthew 9:12, Luke 5:31

lyrics & chords (?)

Verse 1
I am frail, broken easily
without fail, my strength keeps failing me
all alone, I'm powerless
to lift myself from the pit that I am in

Chorus 1
I need You Jesus
I need You Jesus

Verse 2
from Your throne in heaven's light
descended down into my broken life
to right the wrong, to make a way
to bear the load that I deserved to bear alone

Chorus 2
I need You Jesus
I need You Jesus
I need clean hands
I can't You can
I need You Jesus

Verse 3
on the cross on our behalf
the Son of God bore the Father's wrath
and by His blood, the scars and pain
the perfect Son, took the fall and took our place

Verse 4
in His grace and unfailing love
the risen King gave His hand to us
to lift us up, from the pit
and set our feet upon a rock that ever stands

on my own i've tried and tried
to save myself to fill my life
but the more I do the more I find
that I need You, I need You, I need You

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