King Of Heaven (Isaiah 61) Charlie Hall

Writer(s): Dustin Ragland , Quint Anderson , Charlie Hall , Kendall Combes , Brian Bergman

Genre(s): Modern


Recommended Key(s): D , C

Tag(s): Passion

CCLI #: 5677430

Scripture Reference(s): Isaiah 44:23, Isaiah 61

lyrics & chords (?)

A          Bm      G
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
D/F#      Em7          D        A
       King of heaven come down

Chorus 1
         G          A        D        G
We’ll sing the gospel to the poor
        G         A          Bm7         D/F#            
We’ll go to comfort those who mourn
          G        A        D                G
You’ll put together what’s been torn
G            A    Bm7
King of Heaven
Verse 1
Bm                                Em/B
We come together in the wave of God
Em7                                                               A   F#/A#
We stand together in Your great compassion
Bm                    Em/B
Pouring out our hearts and lives
Em7                        A      F#/A#
Fill us up with an expectation

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus)
Chorus 2
         G          A        D            G
We’ll sing the news of all Your grace
        G              A       Bm7      D/F#
We’ll help the broken-hearted praise
            G          A      D        G
You’ll put Your glory on display
G            A    Bm7
King of Heaven
A                    Bm7             G
You help the broken cities rise
A                Bm7                                 G
Out of the wreckage You’ll bring life 

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