You Bled Rend Collective

Writer(s): Rend Collective

Genre(s): Modern

Tempo: Medium

Recommended Key(s): D , A#/Bb

Tag(s): Kingsway , Easter

CCLI #: 5769317

Scripture Reference(s): John 19: 33-37

lyrics & chords (?)

Verse 1
Bm                    G
You bled Your heart out
D              A/C#                 Bm
Now I feel love beat in my chest
G        D    
How wonderful
Bm                    G
You gave Your beauty
D                    A/C#       Bm
In exchange for my ugliness
G        D   
How wonderful

Pre-Chorus 1
Em            G          D
You left Your perfection 
Em           G      A        D, A/C#
And embraced our rejection, oh

Bm                     G
How marvellous, how boundless
D                  A
Is Your love, is Your love
Bm                    G
How wonderful, sacrificial
D                      A
Is Your love for me

Verse 2
Bm             G
You put on our chains
D                A/C#                 Bm
Sent us out through the open door
G         D
How wonderful
Bm                G
You took our sadness
D                       A/C#            Bm
Crowned us with joy and real peace
G         D
How wonderful

Pre-Chorus 2

Em            G          D
You left Your perfection 
Em            G        D           D, A/C#
And fought for our redemption, oh

(Repeat Chorus)

G                D
Yes, Jesus loves me
G                A           D        A/C#
Yes, Jesus loves me, how wonderful
G                D
Yes, Jesus loves me
G                        A
This is love, You gave Yourself

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