You'll Come UNITED

Writer(s): Brooke Ligertwood

Genre(s): Modern

Tempo: Medium

Recommended Key(s): E

CCLI #: 5878590

Scripture Reference(s): John 6:35, Hosea 6:3

lyrics & chords (?)

Verse 1
I have decided I have resolved
     D       A            E
To wait upon You Lord
My Rock and Redeemer shield and reward
      D      A            E
I'll wait upon You Lord

       F#m           E/G#    B
As surely as the sun will rise
You'll come to us
F#m                E/G#     B
Certain as the dawn appears

          A     E  B                  F#m
You'll come   let Your glory fall
                A     E    B
As You respond to us
         A  E
Spirit rain
C#m                B                F#m
Flood into our thirsty hearts again
           D                E
You'll come You'll come

Verse 2
We are not shaken we are not moved
      D        A            E
We wait upon You Lord
Mighty deliverer triumph and truth
       D      A             E
We wait upon You Lord

Pre-Chorus 2
      F#m            E/G#    B
As surely as the sun will rise
You'll come to us
F#m                   E/G#    B
Certain as Your word endures

(Repeat Chorus)

F#m                  E, B  F#m              C#m, B
Chains be broken       lives be healed
A                      E         B      A    
Eyes be opened   Christ is revealed

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