Messiah Kari Jobe

Writer(s): Bryan Brown , Kari Jobe

Genre(s): Modern

Tempo: Slow

Recommended Key(s): D

Tag(s): Christmas

CCLI #: 6461456

Scripture Reference(s): Matthew 1:21

lyrics & chords (?)

Verse 1
The world is waiting 
For a baby's cry
The Promised moment 
Is tonight

Shepherd's watching
The angels sing
Wise men marvel
At their King

Messiah has been born to us
A child, Heaven's glorious
Perfect Love, Anointed One
Messiah, our Messiah has come

Verse 2
A mother smiling
Such little hands
A father holding
The Son of Man

Glory to God
There's no greater love
Glory to God
Our Messiah has come 

Verse 3
Precious Savior
Blessed One
Peace for sinners
Behold the Lamb of God

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