The Same Power Ben Cantelon , Worship Central

Writer(s): Ben Cantelon , Nick Herbert

Genre(s): Modern

Tempo: Medium

Recommended Key(s): E

Tag(s): Kingsway , Easter

CCLI #: 6531173

Scripture Reference(s): 1 Corinthians 15:57

lyrics & chords (?)

| E         | E         | A    C#m    | B         |

There is power in His name
                   A         C#      B   
For the stone has rolled away
Mountains bow dim before
             A          C#m    B
Jesus Christ, our risen Lord
              A          B      E
Jesus Christ, our risen Lord

              E         E/C#     B  
Mighty Saviour, lifted high
E/G#    A        C#m      B
King forever, Jesus Christ
                    E        E/C#    B
Crowned in glory, raised to life
E/G#         A        B        E
The same power lives in us

Verse 2
We will rise, stand and sing
Of our great and matchless King
Seated high on the throne
You shall reign forevermore
You shall reign forevermore

E                          B
The grave could not contain
C#m                  A
The power of His name
E                 B
Death you overcame
C#m             A
Once and for all

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