Lamb Of Glory

Writer(s): Greg Nelson , Phill Mchugh

Genre(s): Contemporary

Tempo: Slow

Recommended Key(s): G


CCLI #: 15128

Scripture Reference(s): John 1:29

lyrics & chords (?)

Precious Lamb of glory
Love's most wondrous story
Heart of God's redemption of man
Worship the Lamb of glory

Verse 1
Hear the story from God's Word
That kings and priests and prophets heard
There would be a sacrifice
And blood would flow to pay sin's price

Verse 2
On the cross God loved the world
While all the pow'rs of hell were hurled
No one there could understand
The One they saw was Christ the Lamb

1982 Shepherd's Fold Music (a div. of EMI Christian Music Publishing)
River Oaks Music Company (a div. of EMI Christian Music Publishing)

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