In The Presence Of Jehovah

Writer(s): Becky Davis , Geron Davis

Genre(s): Contemporary

Theme(s): Peace & Hope

Tempo: Slow

Recommended Key(s): F


CCLI #: 162040

Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 31:20

lyrics & chords (?)

C/G     G7sus     C2                        Em7
In         the        presence of Jehovah
A7                Dm7    G7sus            C2        D7sus
    God Almighty         Prince of     Peace
G7sus  C/G     G7sus                            Em7
           Trou  -  bles vanish hearts are mended
A7           Dm7   G7sus            C2    G7sus
    In the presence       of the King

Verse 1
In and out of situations
        Am7/C  Em7     F2
That tug-  a  -war at me
G7sus                C2
    All day long I struggle
        Am7/C    Em7   F2     Am7
For answers    that I need
           A7sus            Dm7    Am7/C
Then I come into His pres  -  ence
G7sus                                       Am7
        All my questions become clear
Em7                              D7sus
    And for a sacred moment
D7                       G7sus
    No doubt can interfere

Verse 2
Through His love 
      G7sus   C2
The Lord         provided
                Em7    F2              G7sus
A place for us         to rest
A place to find    the answers
             Em7  F2          Em7
In hour of         distress
                A7            Dm7   G7sus
There is never any reason
               Em7             Am7
To give up     in despair
      G/B   C2          D7sus             D7
Just slip away and breathe His name
D7                           G7sus
    He will come and meet you there


A7            Dm7         Bdim   E7          Am7    
    In the presence            of the king
Am7/G    Am/F#                    G7sus
                        In the presence            
of the king

1983, 1985 Meadowgreen Music Company (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
Songchannel Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)

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