O Church Arise

Writer(s): Stuart Townend , Keith Getty

Genre(s): Hymn

Theme(s): Church & Unity

Tempo: Slow

Recommended Key(s): D

Tag(s): Kingsway

CCLI #: 4611992

Scripture Reference(s): Matt. 16:18

lyrics & chords (?)

Verse 1
    A7sus     D
O Church, arise
And put your armor on
            D/F#        G         Asus  A  D
Hear the call of Christ, our Cap  -  tain
     A7sus        D
For now the weak can say 
        G/B        A/C#
That they are strong
          D/F#            G        Asus  A  D
In the strength that God has giv   -   en
         D/F#      G
With shield of faith 
        D/F#    A
And belt of truth
          D/F#    G          D/F#    Bm  A
We’ll stand against the dev   -   il’s lies
    A7sus    D
An army bold
                    G/B    A/C#
Whose battle cry is love
             D/F#     G        Asus  A  D    Dsus    D
Reaching out to those in dark   -   ness

Verse 2
Our call to war
                    G/B    A/C#
To love the captive soul
          D/F#    G         Asus  A   D
But to rage against the cap   -   tor
        A7sus     D
And with the sword that 
                    G/B      A/C#
Makes the wounded whole
            D/F#        G       Asus A  D
We will fight and faith and va   -   lor
         D/F#            G        D/F#  A
When faced with trials on every side
        D/F#        G         D/F# Bm      A
We know the outcome is        se  -  cure
        A7sus         D
And Christ will have 
                    G/B          A/C#
The prize for which He died
            D/F#  G       Asus  A   D   Dsus  D
And in - heri - tance of na   -   tions

Verse 3
            A7sus  D
Come see the cross
                           G/B  A/C#
Where love and mercy meet
          D/F#     G        Asus  A   D
As the Son of God is strick   -   en
        A7sus   D
Then see His foes lie 
                  G/B        A/C#
Crushed beneath His feet
              D/F#         G     Asus A  D
For the Conquer  -  or has ris   -   en
        D/F#    G        D/F#    A
And as the stone is rolled away
        D/F#    G        D/F#  Bm    A
And Christ emerges from   the   grave
      A7sus    D                       G/B   A/C#
This victory march continues till the day
         D/F#        G            Asus   A   D   Dsus  D
Every eye and heart shall see             Him

Verse 4
    A7sus   D                
So Spirit, come
                       G/B   A/C#
Put strength in every stride
         D/F#        G    Asus A  D 
Give grace for every hur   -   dle
       A7sus     D            
That we may run with
            G/B       A/C#
Faith to win the prize
         D/F#    G          Asus  A   D
Of a servant good and faith   -   ful
       D/F#    G        D/F#     A
As saints of old still line the way
    D/F#    G        D/F#    Bm    A
Retelling triumphs of         His   grace
     A7sus         D
We hear their calls 
                  G/B    A/C#
And hunger for the day
When with Christ 
        G        Asus  A  D   Dsus   D
We stand in glo     -    ry

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