Beautiful Savior Stuart Townend

Writer(s): Stuart Townend


Theme(s): Jesus

Tempo: Slow

Recommended Key(s): F

Tag(s): Kingsway , Easter

CCLI #: 2492216

Scripture Reference(s): John 14:6, Isaiah 9:6

lyrics & chords (?)

Verse 1
Bm7    C2             D          G/B    C    G
All my days I will sing this song of gladness
Bm7          C2             D          G/B    C   
Give my praise to the Fountain of delights
Am7  Cmaj7   D                            
For in      my       helplessness 
C  G/B  D
You heard my cry
Am7   Cmaj7   Bm7 
And waves of         mercy 
E/G#  A
Poured down on my life

A/G        D/F#    G             A    A/C#  D
Beautiful Savior, Wonderful Counselor
Em                    Em/D
Clothed in majesty, Lord of history
A/C#        Bm7        A
You're the Way, the Truth, the Life
A/G            D/F#    G            A  A/C# D
Star of the Morning, glorious in holiness
Em                            Em/D
You're the Risen One, heaven's Champion
A     Bm7   A            Bm7   C2  D
And You reign, You reign over all

Verse 2
Bm7    C2             D       G/B    C    G
I will trust in the cross of my Redeemer
Bm7   C2             D          G/B    C   
I will sing of the blood that never fails
Am7  Cmaj7   D   C  G/B      D
Of sins forgiven, of conscience cleansed
Am7   Cmaj7  Bm7             E/G#  A
Of death defeated        and life without end

Verse 3
   Bm7    C2                 D          G/B   C    G
I long to be where the praise is never ending
Bm7          C2                    D      G/B    C   
Yearn to dwell where the glory never fades
Am7  Cmaj7   D                
Where countless worshipers 
C  G/B  D
will share one song
Am7   Cmaj7 Bm7  
And cries     of '     worthy' 
E/G#  A
Will honor the Lamb

Written by Stuart Townend. Copyright (c) 1998 Thankyou Music.
Administered worldwide by
Songs except for the UK and Europe which is administered by Kingsway Music.
All rights reserved. Used by permission

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