There Is A Hope Stuart Townend

Writer(s): Stuart Townend , Mark Edwards

Genre(s): Contemporary , Hymn

Theme(s): Peace & Hope

Tempo: Medium

Recommended Key(s): C

Tag(s): Kingsway

CCLI #: 5109647

Scripture Reference(s): Jeremiah 29:11

lyrics & chords (?)

C/E    F2    G    E/G#    Am7    Dm7
C/G    G7sus    G7    C2

Verse 1
There is a hope that
G7/D        C/E    F2
Burns within my heart
Dm7/F  C/E    Dm7
That gives    me strength 
C/E     F2        Gsus   G
For ev'ry passing day
G7                C    G7/D
A glimpse of glory now 
C/E         F2   G   Am7
Revealed in meager part
C/E       Dsus  D   Gsus   G
Yet drives all doubt     away
Am7   Em/G
I stand in Christ 
F        C/E
With sins forgiv'n
Dm7   E/G#
And Christ in me 
Am7  G/B   C
The hope   of    heav'n
G7/D   C/E        F2
My     highest calling 
G   E/G#   Am7
And my deepest     joy
C/G        G7sus     C2
To make His will my home

Verse 2
There is a hope 
G7/D       C/E    F2
That lifts my weary head
Dm7/F  C/E    Dm7   C/E              Gsus    G
A con  -  so  -  lation strong against despair
G7             C            G7/D
That when the world has plunged me
C/E    F2      G  Am7
In its deep - est pit
C/E       Dsus  D    Gsus  G
I find the Sav  -  ior there
Am7   Em/G        F      C/E
Through present suff'rings future's fear
Dm7      E/G#   Am7  G/B  C
He whispers courage in     my ear
G7/D  C/E    F2         G  E/G#  Am7
For     I am safe in everlasting   arms
C/G        G7sus  G7     C2 
And they will lead          me home

Fmaj7    Am9    Fmaj7    Am9

Fmaj7    D2    Fdim7/Ab    G7     C

Verse 3
There is a hope 
G7/D        C/E    F2
That stands the test of time
Dm7/F  C/E    Dm7
That lifts     my     eyes
C/E            F2     Gsus    G
Beyond the beck'ning grave
G7          C
To see the matchless
G7/D    C/E    F2   G    Am7
Beauty of a    day  di  -  vine
C/E  Dsus  D        Gsus    G
When I behold         His face
When suff'rings 
Em/G         F        C/E
Cease and sorrows die
Dm7  E/G#   Am7  G/B    C
And ev'ry longing sat  -  is  -  fied
G7/D C/E   F2
Then joy unspeakable 
G    E/G#  Am7
Will flood my     soul
C/G   G7sus   G7     C2
For I am     tru   -   ly home

            Am7     Em/G        F         C/E
When suff'rings cease and sorrows die
Dm7    E/G#  Am7  G/B    C
And ev'ry longing    sat  -  is  -  fied
G7/D  G/E        F2              G    E/G#  Am7
Then   joy unspeakable will flood my soul
C/G  G7sus   G7  C2
For I am tru   -   ly home

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