Wake Up

Writer(s): Martin Smith, Stuart Garrard, Tim Hughes

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): ThankYou Music

Recommended Key(s): D

CCLI #: 5942574

Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 57:7-9

Verse 1
I'm ready to rise
I'm ready to fall;
To lay down my life and give it all
I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go
I'm ready for joy
I'm ready for pain
Tear open my heart, Lord once again
I'm ready for You, I'm ready for You
Wake up, rise up
All the earth is singing
Louder, stronger
Shout it out and worship Him
All that we have will give You praise
Yes we were born to give You praise
Verse 2
You light up my heart
You light up the skies
You've covered the earth in glory
The wonder of You, the wonder of You
You never give up
You never let go
You give me a crown of mercy
The beauty of You, the beauty of You
(Repeat Chorus)
Sing oh my soul, rise and sing
Wake up my soul and sing
Oh my soul, rise and sing
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