3 Reasons You Need A Looptimus

December 11, 2018 in resources

A few months ago the good folks at Loop Community sent us their Looptimus pedal to check out. Since then, our team has used it on the road at venues like the National Worship Leader Conference and at our home churches on Sunday mornings. We love it and you think you should to. 

Here are a few reasons we think it's worth checking out:

1.  If you are a guitar/bass player running tracks, few things look more awkward from stage than a guitarist leaning over to start a track with your computer on Sunday morning. Due to it's stomp switch design, the Looptimus is right at home on a pedal board. It provides the ability to easily map the foot switches to the controls you desire in your software of choice.

2. The Looptimus' versatility derives from it's ability to control anything that accepts a MIDI signal. You might think that you’re limited to only your computer, but that couldn't be further from the case. With the right adapters, the Looptimus can control your favorite tablet or phone. This is all powered through the Loop Community’s Free Prime app

3. Pad Mode. This feature is what sets it apart from any other MIDI foot controller we've seen. Once you have navigated to pad mode on the pedal, you’re able to choose a key and play the 1, 2 minor, 3 minor, 4, 5 and 6 minor chords in the chosen key with the tap of your foot. You will just need a simple soft synth application like Apple’s MainStage to take advantage of this feature. This is a great way to manage transitions in your service.

So, if you consider yourself a bit tech savvy and don’t mind a few extra cables and gadgets in your setup, click here to learn more and pick one up at Loop Community.