|| As You Find Me || Devotional

April 30, 2019 in devotionals

As You Find Me

Meeting Jesus right where you are can feel impossible sometimes. What if He sees you for who you really are? The selfishness. The pride. The insecurity. The secret places in your heart that no one sees. What if God actually finds out that you aren’t as loveable as you appear to others around you? What if He sees the rebellion in your soul that fights to control your every thought? As you ask yourself these questions, remember what David wrote about God in Psalm 139. God knows when you sit down and when you rise up. He knows every word that comes from your mouth before you speak. You cannot escape God, no matter how far you run. He was there when He knit you together in your mother’s womb. He knows every hair on your head, every doubt in your heart, and every part of your soul.

There is no need to fear knowing or being known by God. Because He’s always known you. He’s always been right there, loving you completely. God’s love went so far that He willingly carried a cross up a hill, bled and died, owning the punishment for your sin. No one deserves that kind of love. But somehow, this is the kind of love that God is. Because of Jesus, God no longer sees your sin, He sees His Son. That exchange is not something you could ever earn or deserve by you own merit. God freely allows you to enter into that beautiful exchange because He loves and accepts you simply because you’re His—and all you have to do in return is believe Jesus did it all because He loves you just as you are. Not as you hope to be, not as you pretend to be, but completely and wholly as you are right now. So, when you meet with Jesus, do not be afraid to shed the protective layers around your heart. Do not worry about the perceptions God has when He looks at you. Because when He looks at you, He sees the radiance of Jesus on your face. Reveal to Him the innermost questions in your heart, for He recognizes the voice of His Spirit on your lips. He is God, and He has chosen to love you, and meet you, just as He finds you.


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