Grace Of God With Us | Song Devotional

December 01, 2020

Jesus is the embodiment of God’s grace toward us. He is the real life, God-in-flesh, full-on expression of God’s love and heart to save and rescue His children. He is the living evidence that God would move Heaven and Earth to not only meet us in our brokenness but make a way to lead us out into life everlasting.

What makes this truth all the more amazing is that Jesus, who was born in a manger, is now and always has been enthroned above all eternity. When our King spoke the word “light,” there was light. He is the holy eternal King, sovereign over all.

Throughout the story of Scripture, God has been telling us that our Savior King would come to rescue us from our sin and shame. The prophet Isaiah says that our King is a “Wonderful Counselor” and a “Mighty God.” He says our King has come to establish a kingdom that is greater than any government on the face of the earth. Justice and peace will reign true in this kingdom of God.

When the eyes of our hearts get even a glimpse to see that our majestic King Jesus was born to forgive the sins of mankind, we can’t help but sing “Glory to God” forever and ever.

Isaiah 9:6-7