Highest Hallelujah | Song Devotional

December 01, 2020

The Christmas story is a beautiful invitation. It’s an invitation for all to come and see the love of God for people.

When Jesus came from heaven to earth, a miracle happened that day. The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. God became like one of us! The Creator stepped into creation. He stepped into the darkness and brokenness of the world so we could experience the light and life of God for ourselves.

The night Jesus was born, the heavenly hosts went to the outskirts of town to let a group of shepherds know “a Savior has been born.” The angels marveled that Christ had come to rescue and redeem, and they lit up the skies with the thunderous praise of God. That night, an invitation went out: go into Bethlehem to see the One who will bring peace to the whole earth.

That same invitation has gone out to you. There is One who can bring peace to your soul. He came so you would not have to wander around, blinded by sin and shame. He came to give you life and life to the full.

In response to this invitation, we can bring our hearts and our lives as an offering to the newborn King. We can join the song of heaven. We can bring our highest hallelujah, our most sincere praise. Because Jesus brought heaven to us, we can bring our worship to Him.

Luke 2:8-20