Love Has A Name | New Album From Jesus Culture

December 11, 2018 in songs

The highly anticipated new album from Jesus Culture is finally here! We are so excited to share these powerful new worship songs with you. This album is truly Spirit filled. Chris Quilala describes the drive behind Love Has A Name in this interview with GMA:

“Every day we are faced with negativity in media and in the world,” shares worship leader Chris Quilala. “It’s so important for us, the church, to be a light in the darkness and a beacon of hope and joy. Love Has a Name is all about declaring who God is. It’s a strong proclamation of His name, the Name above every other name.”

We hope this new album breathes fresh life into your congregations. We hope it inspires unity in the body of Christ as we all fervently seek the presence of God! 

Below you’ll find song resources including a free chart* and New Song Cafe*. Enjoy!


Song Resources

Halls Of Heaven (ft. Chris Quilala)

Let Our Faith Become A Mountain (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)

Weight of Heaven (ft. Chris Quilala)

Love Has A Name (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)

Flood The Earth (ft. Katie Torwalt)

Make Us One (ft. Chris Quilala)

Sound of Adoration (ft. Bryan Torwalt)

Never Stop (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)

Fresh Outpouring (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)*

Love Overcomes (ft. Derek Johnson)

My One My All (ft. Chris McClarney)

However You Want (ft. Chris Quilala)

Infinite (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)

Love That Saves (ft. Ruthie Ridley)

Make A Way (ft. Jon Egan)

Anything Can Happen (ft. Chris Quilala)