|| Ready Or Not || Devotional

April 30, 2019 in devotionals

Through life, we are always met with a question. It spurs a choice in our wandering hearts and asks us to decide what direction to go. That question is simply this—are you ready to experience God? Will you enter into His presence?  You can choose to join with the people of God and worship Jesus, the Risen King, or you can rebel and go your own way, worshipping yourselves or things that will never satisfy. You are not bound or forced to choose one way or the other. You are given the gracious freedom as people to decide for yourself which way you want to go. But either way, a decision must be made. By everyone. The broken, the scared, the dreamers, the doubters—everyone must decide. So, are you ready…or not?

In Matthew 4, Jesus was walking along the seashore. He saw a set of brothers fishing in their boat. He called out to them just as He calls out to you now. He said, “Follow Me.” In that moment, Peter and Andrew had a choice to make. Do they go on doing the good work they are doing, paying no mind to the man inviting them to drop everything and follow Him? Or to they take steps of faith, knowing there is something different about this Jesus?

Later, Jesus calls Peter the rock on which He would build His church. Jesus did not have to use Peter, but because He called him, and because Peter willingly followed, Jesus used Him in amazing ways. All Peter had to do was decide that He was ready.

Have you answered the question Jesus is asking you? If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing and choose to answer Him. He loves you and wants you to follow Him, just like His disciples did on the Sea of Galilee that day. If you have, are you leaning into the answer, giving your all for His glory? Press into the path He’s given you. Come hungry for His Word. Come thirsty for the living water He brings. Lay every burden at the cross and boldly run the race He’s set before you. Come ready for the miracle to happen. Come ready for the breakthrough. Come ready to join with the people of God, worshipping the name of Jesus forever and ever. Come ready. He’s waiting with open arms.


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