All My Life

New Album from Lindy Cofer


All My Life is the latest EP from Lindy Cofer. It is the second release from a live recording. The first album “I saw the Lord” had 7 tracks. The title speaks to the response of surrendering your entire life when you see Jesus for who he truly is. This album declares the greatness of God in ‘Steadfast Love’, ‘You are holy,’ ‘Heart of worship,’ and ‘Be glorified.’ The response of surrounding your life to God in response thunders out in ‘I am the Lord’s,’ ‘People Get Ready,’ and ‘Great Commission Hymn.’

These songs will take you into a place of deep worship, and also have you declaring wholeheartedly ‘all my life’ for Jesus. With both lyrically deep peaceful songs and intense declaration songs, this album will have something for everyone.


Listen to All My Life now wherever you get your music and get song resources in the links below.