Team Night

Songs recorded from a night of worship


After two years apart due to global border closures, a few of our team had the opportunity to finally reunite in Orange County, California at the start of 2022.

It only felt right to mark our reunion by gathering and doing what we’ve always done when we get together from our different home cities/campuses from around the globe (just never with this long a pause) - worship.

We gathered with the wider creative team of our campuses in Los Angeles and Orange County for a night of worship, featuring new songs from “These Same Skies” but also many other songs that have meant something to our team both recently and over the years. 

Whether recorded/filmed or not, Hillsong Worship has always been a representation of what happens in our campuses week in and week out - ordinary people worshipping an extraordinary Saviour - Jesus Christ - and co-labouring with Him to build His Church for the glory of His Name, and His alone. 

We pray the songs and sounds of honest, raw worship from this project would bless and refresh you.

In Christ,

Hillsong Worship