All Around The World

Keith and Kristyn Getty

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Verse 1
All around the world the Kingdom cry resounds
From mountain town to desert plain
From city to the shore
Truth will not be bound by walls upon the earth
From every nation tribe and tounge
God calls His people forth
All praise to the King
Of the new Jerusalem
Where all of the saints
With one voice will worship the Lamb
Will forever worship the Lamb
Verse 2
Restless is the world; unchanging in his word
Unshaken in our confidence
In Christ the Risen Lord
All who bear His name unite to breathe as one
We share the joys and pains we face
And pray, His Kingdom come
Verse 3
Boldly we proclaim the power of the cross
In every language art and deed
We tell the wonder of grace
Then when Christ returns
His church will rise adorned
With treasure brought from every land
To glorify the Lord

Fionan De Barre, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty


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Scripture Reference:

Psalm 47:7