Here And Now


No more waiting, Your love is exhaling.
You are here and returning.
Weíre coming home, and all are one.
Here and now; the proud made lowly.
Here and now; the Lamb made mighty.
Here and now; the slave to freedom.
Here and now; the coming Kingdom.
Here and now.
The cross is happening, the world is ending,
Dead and alive, we are beginning,
Weíre coming home, and all are one.
Tears of gladness, in the sadness,
Weíre falling and victorious.
Blessíd and broken, the floodgates open,
The sun is rising to shine.
It is here and now, it is here and now.
© 2005 Thankyou Music (PRS), administered worldwide by Songs excluding the UK and Europe which is admin. by / Publishing (BMI), administered by EMI CMG Publishing.
All rights reserved. Used by permission. CCLI # 4666930.

Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche


Grace & Mercy




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Matthew 4:17