I Will Exalt The One

Verse 1
What can I say, What can I do
What can I bring To offer to You?
There is no gold, no precious pearl
Nothing on earth compares to You
Lord, here I stand with empty hands
I will exalt the one who lifted me
Out of the miry clay to heights of eagle's wings
Words cannot express all I know is this
You changed me You changed me
I can remember how I used to be
I was so bound but now I'm free
I will exalt the One Who lifted me
Verse 2
I've never known a Father like You
A love that is strong so gentle and true
You draw me close just like a child
Safe in Your arms there is no doubt
This is my place, this is the way

Jackie Anderson, Michael Merritt


Adoration & Praise





Scripture Reference:

Psalms 30:1, 3-4