People Of The Rising

Verse 1
We were lost in the dark
Until You opened Your arms
And You called us into life
To Your way, to Your love,
To the place that You are
God You brought us back to life
Where we failed, where we failed
You were more than enough
You have washed our sin away
Took the stains, broke the chains
When You said, "It is done"
God, You rescued us from shame
We are rescued from our shame
We sing Jesus, Jesus
There is power in Your name
We sing Jesus, Jesus
You have pulled us from the grave
We are the people of the rising
Verse 2
We are found, we are free,
We are saved and redeemed,
We will never be the same
For the cost of the cross,
For Your infinite love,
We will live to bring You praise
We will live to bring You praise
Walls are crashing down
Can you feel the rising
We are gonna to rise up
Can you feel the rising?

Brett Younker, Bryan Brown, Mia Fieldes


Adoration & Praise, Commitment & Dedication, Grace & Mercy, Easter





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Scripture Reference:

Lamentations 3:25-26, 1 Peter 1:3-9