Praise Overflows


Verse 1
When my soul is weak
You bring strength for me
When the darkness clouds
Your the light I see
When all hope seems lost
I remember Your cross
When I'm struggling and bound
You break the walls that surround
My praise overflows from my heart
From the depths of my soul
Verse 2
When I'm empty and dry
Hurting and broken inside
I can call on Your name
Jesus Christ, You sustain
(Repeat Chorus)
To my God who reigns
The only One worthy of praise
Who conquered death and rose from the grave
Oh how I love You, Jesus I love You
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 3
When I've run this race
Only by Your grace
You will lead me home
To where I belong
My hope secure in Your name
No more hurt, no more pain
I am forever Yours
You are forever mine

Jamie Rodwell, Tom Field


Adoration & Praise




ThankYou Music

Scripture Reference(s):

2 Samuel 22:4, Acts 20:24