Save Us


Verse 1
Who are we to call upon You
Ruler of the seas
Verse 2
Still a God who lends an ear to
The least of these, we’re calling out
Verse 3
We are all as good as dead lives
Choking on the dust
Verse 4
Oh God, who makes the dead rise
Come to us, come to us
We’re calling out
Save us
Save us
Verse 5
Oh the sin that longs to kill us
Is waiting by our graves
Even here Your love would meet us
What depth of grace Your grip remains
Ransom Your daughters
Fight for Your sons
God for Your glory
We know You’ll come
Save us, You must.
For Your glory we trust

Josh Luker, Melissa Mage, Mike Mage, Sean Curran


God's Attributes, Grace & Mercy, Resurrection & Sacrifice



Scripture Reference:

Psalm 68:20, Romans 6:23