Set Free

Chris Tomlin

Verse 1
Joy, joy, unspeakable joy
Hope like never before
You came for us
You are our freedom
Love, love, unshakeable love
We shall overcome, we will never give up
We lift a shout, we lift a shout
Everyone singing
Come on, come on now, we've got a new song
Come on, come on now, a song of liberty
Let the world hear heaven's melody
This is the shout of the hearts You've set free
Verse 2
True, true, we know it's true
We stand now, risen with You
You lifted us
You are our freedom
Strong, strong, whatever may come
You have already won
We lift a shout, we lift a shout
Everyone singing
And we'll dance, dance
Dance in Your freedom
Oh, Your glorious freedom
Forevermore, forevermore
Written by Matt Redman, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram and Chris Tomlin
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Ben Fielding, Chris Tomlin, Jason Ingram, Matt Redman


Adoration & Praise





Original Key:


Key Range:

G - C



Scripture Reference:

John 8:36, Psalm 119:45