The Everlasting

Verse 1
Ruler of the universe,
higher than the kings of earth.
Long before the world began,
ev’rything was in Your hands.
Your glory will forever stand.
For You are the Lord, and You are God above.
Your love goes on and on.
You are the everlasting Father,
You are the everlasting.
You are the everlasting light, oh yeah.
Ev’ry knee shall bow before You,
You are the everlasting life.
Verse 2
Through the raging of the seas
the hills proclaim Your majesty.
All these things created for
the glorifying of the Lord.
We praise Your name forevermore.
Chorus Ending 2
Lord of mercy, we adore You.
You are the everlasting life.
My heart cries out, My spirit shouts.
I’ll praise Your name forevermore.
Copyright © 2003 Consuming Fire Music.
Administered by EMI Christian Music Publishing.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Brad Avery, David Carr, Mac Powell, Mark Lee, Tai Anderson


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Scripture Reference:

Nehemiah 9:5b-6