The Great Ovecomer

Aaron Shust

Verse 1
Listen closely can you hear it?
every tribe and tongue sings out a song
full of hope and full of power
as your people rise and sing along
Pre-Chorus 1
Though the thunder roll
and the darkness rage
You’ll never change
Our hope is built on nothing less
than Jesus blood and righteousness
We stand on what You’ve done
We stand on what You’ve done
We will not bend we will not break
You are our strength so we will say
Our King has overcome
Our King has overcome the world
Verse 2
So let faith arise as we Your children
place our trust in every word You’ve said
You live in us with all the power
to heal the sick and even raise the dead
Pre-Chorus 2
We lift our eyes oh we’re not forsaken
Your love remains
You’re the great overcomer
You’re the King of all Kings
You’re the One who was and who’ll always be
You’re our source of life
You’re the breath we breathe
You’re the reason we’ll sing for eternity
You’re the great overcomer
Over death, hell and the grave
You’re the great overcomer
Oh there’s nothing that You can’t save
You’re the great overcomer
I know, I know, I know
You’re the great overcomer

Michael Farren, Seth Mosley


Commitment & Dedication, Communion & Reflection, Resurrection & Sacrifice



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Scripture Reference:

John 16:33