This Is Who I Am

Verse 1
I am a new creation
The old has passed away
And I'm made new
I have adopted
The door has opened up for me
To know You and be like You
This is who I am
I've been born again
The cross is my defense
My hope secure
Now my life is in Your hand
And on every word I'll stand
Lord I'm finding who I am
In all You are
Verse 2
When my heart condemns me
And tells me I am guilty
You're greater, You're greater
Jesus You have searched me
And ever in Your finding
You have loved me and You love me
(Repeat Chorus)
For He made Him
Who knew no sin to be sin
On our behalf was crucified
Oh that we could be
The righteousness of our Creator
I am a new creation
The old is passed away and
I am made new
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Bethany Dillon, Shane Barnard


Grace & Mercy



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Scripture Reference:

2 Corinthians 5:17