Twenty Seven Million

Matt Redman

Verse 1
See what the world's done came to London
She's a nothing a no one she's undone
Broken dreams stolen freedom
Trapped in the night trafficked and beaten
All a part of an evil economy
Nothing more than someones commodity
A precious being like you and me
A daughter a sister a somebody
She was drawn by the bright lights
She was tied up in their lies
She worked right through to daylight
No voice she's a slave to the night
27 million like me
We've got to rise up
Open our eyes up
Be her voice be her freedom
Come on stand up
Verse 2
After the man left she's nothing left
No one no love no one to call a friend
She's stuck in the pit of hell
She's almost sick of the smell
She's numb she's dead from the inside out
Her heart is screaming but you don't hear the shout
Whose the voice? Whose going to break the door down?
Who wakes her up from this nightmare now?
Bridge 1
27 million are you joking?
How do we let evil get so tight a grip
Watching while the world falls apart
How did we let this stuff begin
We're not bothered if this offends
Cause you got people that can defend
But they ain't got that they got nothing
Sometimes we gotta stand for something
Let this be the stand gets your blood running
Bridge 2
Little girl don't cry
Let me dry your eyes in the darkest night
Hold on through the storm
You're not on your own
Hold on love will come

Beth Redman, Jorge Mhondera, Lindz West, Lucy West, Matt Redman, Willie Weeks


Missions, Suffering & Trials




ThankYou Music, Passion



Original Key:


Key Range:

B - Eb

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Scripture Reference:

Romans 6:5-7