Jonathan Traylor

Jonathan Traylor


Jonathan Traylor is a triple threat, and maybe more.  As a world-class singer/songwriter, producer/musician, and dancer, he is poised to breathe new energy into the faith-based music scene with his unapologetically wild sound and style.

A primarily self-taught musician, Jonathan plays piano, acoustic guitar, and several percussion instruments.  He developed those skills as a service to his local church and fine-tuned them when he began producing tracks for the songs he was now writing not merely as an outlet for his emotion, but to reach audiences inside and outside of the local church.

Now gearing up for the release of his major-label EP Closer Than You Think, Jonathan is excited to continue sharing the gospel with a new generation.

“For my generation, I feel like I’m meant to call people back to the cross and back to God,” he shares. “I really want to encourage and give hope. That’s my gift." - Jonathan Traylor