How To Start A Housefire

Housefires Album


The worship landscaping was forever rewritten in 2014 when Housefires released their two premiere projects within a few months of each other. Worship leading, songwriting, and collaboration were now re-evaluated and reconstructed to reflect the Housefires model that embraced a more unfiltered sound and approach to worship from the writing room to the set. Since the unprecedented success of Housefires launch, the group has continued its mission in writing and releasing songs and sounds that are birthed from what God is doing in their midst as a collective.

Their latest project ‘How To Start a Housefire’ is about stripping away the veneer and illusion of “success and fame” within a worship or music industry context and reminding people of the foremost mission of the group. The songs were meant to be a resource for the church in thought and creed rather than elements to tack onto a Sunday setlist.

Housefires continues to embrace a more unrefined sound that’s free of the safety and restraints that a normal studio and even live recording set often offers. Its stripped back settings furthers this idea by visually demonstrating a community that not only embraces its sound within.