Palm Sunday

A set list to celebrate Palm Sunday and set the tone for Easter.


Palm Sunday is an opportunity to set the stage for Easter and build up the anticipation of all that will happen in the next week. Choose songs that not only highlight Pam Sunday, but that point to the Easter message and also examine the personal relationship each member of your church has with their Savior. For this set list, open with Shout Hosanna from Passion. This energetic anthem of worship will point people to the Palm Sunday story in scripture and invite them to worship Jesus as Jerusalem did in scripture. From there, transition to Forever Reign. This classic song reminds people of their personal relationship with God and how He rules and reigns in glory over there lives. From there, transition to O Praise The Name (Anástasis) from Hillsong. This song carries you through the whole Easter story and is a perfect set up to the week ahead. Finish with Behold The Lamb from Passion, an explosion of praise for the One who conquered death and will come for us again one day. 

Pro-Tip: Check out O Praise the Name (Anástasis): An Easter Moment HERE for a more expansive version of this song that we love!