Pull Me Through

Hope Again, Pull Me Through, Christ Crucified & more


"Last year we gathered together to worship in our new building in King’s Cross. The sound that came out of those nights was the sound of a community of worshippers coming back together and re-uniting in praise after the dislocation of lockdowns and a long search for a building.

The songs we captured were released in 2022 as two EPs (‘Light of Peace’ and ‘Hope Again’). On 27 January we are combining everything together into a 13-track album Pull Me Through – Live at King’s House – with two previously unreleased bonus tracks. The songs on the album carry a diversity of sounds and genres that reflect some of the life of our church community. What unites the sound is the passion and joy that is erupting as we gather to worship and pray every week. Part of our mission is to resource the wider church with songs of hope, songs of joy and songs that point people to Jesus. All of these songs can be used for congregational worship times and are written to serve both our community and the wider church. It’s an album brimming with life, hope and explosive joy."