New Album from Pat Barrett


"I’ve been learning to cast my cares on God. You know, just releasing them. Not holding on too tightly. Not grasping and clutching onto things I can’t control. I know it’s easier said than done, but the invitation is always there (and I’m pretty well acquainted with what life feels like when I keep my cares and concerns In my own hands…it’s not pleasant to say the least.) The scriptures remind us that the hands of God that formed the world (psalm 95:5) and made us (psalm 139:13) and meets our needs (psalm 104:28) can be trusted every day. So on the days when trust feels easy, I’ve been singing this song as a hymn of joy. And on the days when it feels like even a seed of faith is hard to come by, I’ve been singing this song as a reminder of the truth: that this is in better hands than my own."

- Pat Barrett


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