Debut Album from Chris Davenport


"If you’re anything like me – you’re familiar with the age-old paradox of desperately wanting God to do everything instantly. While simultaneously pleading with Him to have patience with you while you work out whatever He’s called you to with fear and trembling.

The last few years have taught me that time is perhaps God’s most underrated gift. He gives it freely and abundantly. For every grace He gives me, He gives me time to see it. For everything correction He brings me, He gives me time to receive it. For every door He opens, He gives me time to become who I need to be to walk through it. He just gives us time – over and over again.

This project is an honest reflection of my experience exploring that. God’s “working all together for my good-ness.” His patient love. His guiding hand. His rod and staff. The green pastures. And the dark valleys. And all the time in the world that’s He given me to work it all out.

He’s got nothing but time."

- Chris Davenport


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