You're The One

I heard Your song coming over the hill
I know it seemed like the world stood still
You were singing a melody
That caught me by surprise
Yeah it sounded familiar to me
Like I'd known it all my life
Chorus 1
You're the one I believe
A king and friend
Who's always been holding on to me
You're the one and I have seen
Your life and death
The endless breath breathing into me
Just the mention of Your name and I know
I know I found love
'Cause You're the one
Verse 1
And I keep looking down as I move in closer
My heart is racing now with fear and wonder
Could I come back to You so long on my own
From where I am I know this is not my home
Verse 2
High in a hidden world is where You are found
Where ev'ry living thing circles around
I find myself again where I used to be
With the rescued ones falling on my knees 'cause
In Your presence there is mercy
In my fear joy and the tears
It's Your goodness that keeps on
Keeps on calling us here
Drawing us near
Your life and death breathe into me
The mention of Your name
And I know
I know I found love
'Cause You're the one
Mm You're the one
You're the one
You're the one
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Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Jesse Reeves, Louie Giglio






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Scripture Reference:

Mark 1:24