Chris McClarney

Chris McClarney


When you spend your formative years, moving every couple of years to a new place, a new church, watching your Baptist preacher-father burning out of the ministry, seeds are planted in a boy’s heart. For Chris McClarney those seeds—full of the potential for disillusionment and doubt—grew a garden of gracious gifts: the desire to serve others; eyes to see the deeper lessons in our hard-knock lives; a fundamental belief in the goodness and faithfulness of God; and the words to bring those realities together in song.

Picture Chris, a young husband and father of two little girls, tucked away in a tiny church office, preparing for worship at a small, but growing congregation. He’s wandering through the book of Romans, concerned about a friend who is going through a rough time. By Wednesday night, while leading worship, he finds himself singing Romans 8:28: ‘All things work together for my good / You make all things new...’

“I sang it for a really long time,” Chris says of the song that would eventually become “Your Love Never Fails.” “Something was right about it; it felt like everybody there needed to sing it, to feel it... so it stuck.” Months went by and Chris wrote a few verses, rehearsed it with his church band.

Like many songwriters, Chris felt that God wanted him to record some of his songs. “I thought maybe that was just my own voice in my head,” he said, “So I told God, ‘If this is from you, you’ll provide the money... I’m not going into debt...’ A couple of days later, a guy emails me, saying ‘I’m supposed to give you money. What do you need it for?’” Within a few days, a very large check arrived. In the meantime, the church sound guy had ‘bootlegged’ the rehearsal recording of “Your Love Never Fails,” which wound up on MySpace and BOOM! Jesus Culture records it and takes it around the world.

Within a matter of months, “Your Love Never Fails” lands in the Top 100 on iTunes’ Christian chart, the top 10 iTunes CD Introducing Chris McClarney heads into production, the phone starts ringing and McClarney signs with Kingsway. And just like that, the impossible becomes reality.

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