You are invited to host a Christmas Night of Worship planned by Chris Tomlin at your church this Advent season.

The elements and resources in this package are a roadmap for a Christmas Night of Worship that you can use to bring about an engaging and impactful worship experience this Christmas season. Developed by Chris and our team, the set list and videos are intended to flow from one element to the next as seamlessly as possible. We also built in moments that could be a great opportunity to feature your children's ministry. We hope this resource is a blessing to you and your ministry this Christmas season.

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What is a ChordPro?

September 18, 2015

We, at Worship Together, have recently added new features to the site that we hope will better equip worship teams with the resources that they are looking for. One of the main new features is a ChordPro file that is now provided on many of the song pages. Along with this is also a lyric chart (both will download as a text file and can be saved to your computer). Of course, chords are still provided on most song pages, but this way you can take your chart wherever you need it.

Our friends at Planning Center Online have made creating and transposing chords as easy as possible. When you download a ChordPro from Worship Together, you can copy and paste it into the “Lyrics and Chords Editor” of a song arrangement in Planning Center (see video here for a tutorial). Once it’s loaded, you’ll be able to transpose songs into any key or format, including numbers and numerals.

We hope this resource is a blessing to you and your ministry! Happy charting!

-The Worship Together Team

3 Reasons You Need A Looptimus

September 18, 2015

A few months back the folks a Loop Community sent us their Looptimus pedal to check out. Our team has used it on the road at National Worship Leader Conference and at our home churches on Sunday mornings.

Here are a few reasons you might want to grab one:

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