Keith & Kristyn Getty

Keith & Kristyn Getty


Irish composers and artists Keith & Kristyn Getty are on a mission to revive the art of hymnody for a new generation.

“We believe in creating modern hymns for two reasons,” Keith explains. “First, they can teach us our faith in a fuller way through what they sing, and secondly, we want to attempt to create a more ‘timeless’ art form—music that people of every generation can sing now, and perhaps at best, can last throughout their lifetimes—art that transcends time and generation.”

“In the Church, the purpose of singing is to express the community we have as the Body of Christ.” Kristyn adds. “To try and search for the melodic ideas and song structure that might bring more people in, that’s what we’re trying to investigate. Is there a way to bring everyone together musically?”

As Keith & Kristyn Getty stand at the helm of an emerging group of new hymn writers today, it seems the Church need not fear the death of the medium in this modern age. “A pastoral friend of mine challenged me with this thought: ‘What will new generations remember when they are older if they only sing songs for two years at a time?’ He exposed the need for us to write modern hymns which are enduring, full of the unchanging riches of God and accessible to as many generations as possible."

“Our hope is not in ourselves, it’s in Christ,” Kristyn says of their purpose. “We want music for the Church to be able to lift us beyond our circumstances and become a plumb line for bringing all of our life experiences to the Truth.”

Hailing from Northern Ireland and now residing in Nashville, the couple welcomed their first child, Eliza Joy, last year.

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